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Driver Training in Calgary can only be imparted by Alberta Transportation approved instructors under the aegis of Alberta Transportation approved driver schools.

Calgary Driver Training curriculum approved by Alberta emphasizes on road safety. Expert and experienced instructors train the students to drive cautiously, responsibly and with a concern for public safety.

Drivers Training Calgary instructors would also give helpful tips on driving which would help the students to prepare for and pass the Alberta Transportation road test.

Alberta approved driver training schools use vehicles that have dual controls-meaning there is one additional set of clutch and brakes under the control of the instructor, which he would use just in case, the novice driver is mixing it all up.

Drivers Education in Calgary is taken up very seriously by the all the driver training schools in Calgary (Simplylearn). The instructors ensure that by the time a student is ready for the road test, he has a complete understanding of all the aspects of driving.

Calgary drivers course material is regularly reviewed and updated from time to time in terms of changes in traffic legislation, policies and best driving practices.

Learnings from new technologies, latest research findings and the changes in transport legislation is very much an essential part of the drivers’ education curriculum and the student drivers are informed and updated about the same as they undergo their training.

Drivers’ education in Calgary is further reinforced by way of handbooks, guides and informative articles on safe driving, which is distributed by the driver training schools in Calgary.

Once you enroll with an approved driving school and begin interacting with the relevant personnel, an important revelation sinks in you that – driving is serious and responsible art.

Calgary driver training schools teach their pupil important skills of driving on different road conditions, which is very pertinent as rain and snow are regular occurrences in Calgary and the geography around.

To maintain the high caliber of driver training Calgary, many training schools require their driving instructors to mandatorily go through periodic interviews, and professional development programs-twice a year.

All of these professional instructions and training-be it theoretical or practical “hands-on” road driving-can be scheduled according to the students convenient time schedule.

And to facilitate this all the Calgary driver training schools offer a pick-up and drop-off facility to save students’ time traveling to and from their respective training schools.

Another striking feature of driver training in Calgary is that on-road driving needs are customized according to the student’s specific need, and further, the theoretical part of the training course can also be completed online as per students’ convenience.

The adage “different strokes for different folks” can be tweaked to say “different training for different needs” is the hallmark of Calgary drivers training and drivers’ education in Calgary.